Welcome and thanks for visiting my blog!

My name is Jacobo and I’m an amateur photographer. For a few years I’ve been uploading black and white street photographs to my Flickr account; I’m also part of the  One by One project, where we seek to capture the atmosphere of our city in twenty-four hour long sessions (one for each hour of the day). This blog tries to be something different: I plan to upload a photo each day. A photo of something that calls my attention, be it something I see on the street, something I come across at home… I want them to be photos that show my daily life, with no need to be visually spectacular.

This project will last a year and I have imposed myself a series of rules:

  • Photos must be made the day they are uploaded.
  • A photo a day.
  • Mainly in colour.
  • They must not be part of another series or project (although they might portray the preparations of a session, for instance).
  • I will not upload them to Flickr.
  • I will use my point and shoot camera, as long as it works.

Well, throughout this year I presume the original intention will evolve and who knows how things will end. I hope you stick around and see for yourself!